Month: July 2012

You’re In My Office

After selling DOYLES, I have felt like a fish out of water.  I’m working a lot of hours, and don’t feel all that productive, however, I’m beginning to have some fun.  After waiting a few weeks waiting for an office space, I finally got one, and they even put my name on the door.  That was late last week.  I went in yesterday to find a laptop, docking station, office supplies, etc., neatly organized on the desk.  I was beginning to think that someone actually cared that I was there.  I then noticed a name and phone number on a single sheet of paper laying next to the keyboard.  It wasn’t my name.  I begin to think something was wrong, so I called the number on the sheet of paper, and was informed that the computer and other supplies were for someone else.  As I walked out, and back to my mobile office (my car,) I realized they had even replaced my name on the door.  Couldn’t help but laugh.  Good news is I’m not much for being in an office.

Calm Down

I met with a couple of bankers yesterday to discuss refinancing some real estate I own.  After a few minutes of pleasantries, I shared my experiences with lenders, which have been less than ideal.  The elder of the two gentlemen humbly said, “you need to calm down.”  He was right.

First Day on the Job

Today was my first day on the job for my new employer.  I felt like a stranger.   I was asked by a senior manager to explain my role, and I struggled to articulate it.  There was an awkward tension in the room to start, but things smoothed out, and we had a progressive conversation.  The company is much larger than any company I’ve ever owned or run, and it’s full of smart people.  A colleague of mine told me today that business development guys don’t really do anything.  I hope that’s not true.

Post Closing Reflection

Last Friday, June 29th, the sale of DOYLES was finalized, and I for the first time in a long time, am now an employee and not an employer.  The transaction had mechanical challenges that I have experienced in previous deals, but this one was very different.  I was very emotional throughout the process and took everything personal.  Family legacy, personal promises, insecurity, and fear of the unknown all weighed heavy on my heart.  I kept having reminding myself to stay humble and calm, and it was never easy.  Ultimately, it has all worked out, and I’m beginning to feel relieved.  Most of all, I am grateful.