Post Closing Reflection

Last Friday, June 29th, the sale of DOYLES was finalized, and I for the first time in a long time, am now an employee and not an employer.  The transaction had mechanical challenges that I have experienced in previous deals, but this one was very different.  I was very emotional throughout the process and took everything personal.  Family legacy, personal promises, insecurity, and fear of the unknown all weighed heavy on my heart.  I kept having reminding myself to stay humble and calm, and it was never easy.  Ultimately, it has all worked out, and I’m beginning to feel relieved.  Most of all, I am grateful.

6 thoughts on “Post Closing Reflection

  1. It is obvious that you worked to make a great company as DOYLES has always been a growing competitor in the market. Otherwise I would have never left Corpus to work up here with you. DOYLES has taken care of my family and given me a wonderful opportunity to grow my natural abilities. I will continue to grow personally with this company even if DOYLES isn’t on the building. I trust your Dad would be proud of everything you’ve done with this company and the people you’ve impacted along the way. Good luck with the new opportunities, Dan.


  2. I’m am very pleased that you are ok with this deal Dan. I joined this company because I
    felt you were an exceptional person. The Lord has forever blessed my life and I think he has
    done the same for you. I know you did the right thing whatever the outcome may look like.
    I am proud to call you a friend.


  3. Dan, I too have been where you are at right now. Always remember, its not personal its business. You did a great job, never look back on what could have been, or should have been. But, what will be, and who you will be because you did the right thing, at the right time. That, is the sign, of a good businessman.


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