First Day on the Job

Today was my first day on the job for my new employer.  I felt like a stranger.   I was asked by a senior manager to explain my role, and I struggled to articulate it.  There was an awkward tension in the room to start, but things smoothed out, and we had a progressive conversation.  The company is much larger than any company I’ve ever owned or run, and it’s full of smart people.  A colleague of mine told me today that business development guys don’t really do anything.  I hope that’s not true.

One thought on “First Day on the Job

  1. Hi Daniel,You are having new job jitters and it’s completely normal to be a liitle nervous. After the first week it will go away as fast as it came. You are a smart and talented young man. You’re going to make your boss very glad he hired you. God Bless You Dawn Pavlicek


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