You’re In My Office

After selling DOYLES, I have felt like a fish out of water.  I’m working a lot of hours, and don’t feel all that productive, however, I’m beginning to have some fun.  After waiting a few weeks waiting for an office space, I finally got one, and they even put my name on the door.  That was late last week.  I went in yesterday to find a laptop, docking station, office supplies, etc., neatly organized on the desk.  I was beginning to think that someone actually cared that I was there.  I then noticed a name and phone number on a single sheet of paper laying next to the keyboard.  It wasn’t my name.  I begin to think something was wrong, so I called the number on the sheet of paper, and was informed that the computer and other supplies were for someone else.  As I walked out, and back to my mobile office (my car,) I realized they had even replaced my name on the door.  Couldn’t help but laugh.  Good news is I’m not much for being in an office.

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