Purpose + Passion = Happiness

To date I have either started and sold or bought and sold nine companies including DOYLES. Not one of those companies was on purpose. In other words, I didn’t deliberately start the company because it was something I was passionate about. In every case it was opportunistic. I saw a problem and wanted to fix it, or I thought I could buy a business and fix it, revolutionize it, etc. Furthermore, no business I have built has been something I was passionate about, which has come as a recent revelation to me. Being driven is different than being passionate. I’ve always been driven, however only now am I beginning to think about what I’m passionate about and what my purpose is in life. In part I think my purpose is to promote transparency, acceptance, and do the right thing hoping to influence others to do the same. It’s an exciting time for me as I continue to reflect on my life and dream about what the next chapter will look like. For some “reason” I think it may include horses.

One thought on “Purpose + Passion = Happiness

  1. Passion-I don’t know if I could live without it. I have been passionate about the company I started in 2006, DeKel Enterprises LLC. I am still trying to get to the place I dreamed I would already be. Analyzing my business mistakes, my deficiencies as an entrepreneurial, anything and everything. I am not ready to give up on my passion. I am taking my services into an established granite shop. I am hoping this will make the difference or at least the right stepping stone. Passion and Driven together is sure to make an endeavor exciting and rewarding. Horses, hmm! Wonder what that will be about.


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