Life, Love, Legacy

Business is personal to me. For the last twenty years, I’ve worn my heart on my sleeve, treated others the way I want to be treated, and have done my very best to look out for those I’ve been privileged to lead. I have many scars, but I’ve never given up, and have always believed that the best things come to those who do the right thing. 

While professionally, I’ve been known to build brands, and values driven companies, my family is always something I’ve been careful to protect. Mainly to keep my family safe, but also because as an introvert, I often feel exposed; like I have no where to hide. My home is the one place I can escape from the many pressures of being an entrepreneur. I’m just Dad, or babe, and it feels good.

However, I’m blessed to have many friends, fans, and followers who are encouraged by my postings, many of which leave comments, email or message me, or on occasion, when they see me at a conference, a restaurant, or even the grocery store; it happened. It’s incredibly humbling and encouraging and while my writings act as a creative outlet, impacting others energizes me and keeps me accountable. 

Of all the success I’ve experienced, it has not come without failure, and many times on both sides. However, I’m most proud of the family my wife and I are building together. It’s blended and beautiful, full of love, forgiveness, respect, and togetherness. My wife is incredibly supportive, particularly of the sacrifices I’ve made in time away from home to do not only what I must do, but what I was born to do. 

There is no work life balance, and business is not “just business.” My work is my life, and my life my work; everything is personal. In the end, it will be my family at my bedside, and a few friends. I will be proud of the family we’ve created and enjoyed, and my life work will matter, to my family, my employees, and my community.

So, this is my family. This is my life, my love, and my legacy. I am grateful.

3 thoughts on “Life, Love, Legacy

  1. Daniel: I stumbled into your blog. I’m glad I did…. not because you are a good writer, but because you are a man that loves his family, owns his shit, cares about his work, has a grateful heart, does not fear the truth and strives to do what’s right. I found your blog doing a Google search for “Transparent Truth”. I’m starting a project, perhaps a movement, and most hopefully a rebuilding of the people’s district court and judiciary systems. I want to name this project and its website, Transparent Truth Initiative. Through public awareness and strict legislation formalizing transparency and truth, the goal is to transform the civil justice process. Specifically, in the local counties and appellate districts, for this is where the rubber meets the road for the “average citizen” who thinks they will get a fair shake when they’ve been wronged. Sadly, my research has confirmed that truth and justice in our courts and judiciary is more of a farce than the public knows. Although is available, I feel the name is kinda your thing here on the web. Are you okay with me using Transparent Truth Initiative?


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