About Dan Henderson


I’m passionate about people, purpose, and giving back. After starting my first company at 19, I’ve since started, acquired, or sold many more, including, and most recently DOYLES, an Inc. 5000 recipient in 2008/09. However, it’s not been all glamour, but rather full of ups and downs, with many lessons learned. I work very hard to remain #humble, to be #kind, and remain #hungry.

Over the past twenty years, I’ve led companies through exponential growth, and high-stakes turn arounds, and am currently founder and CEO of HENDERSON Energy Holdings, an O&G manufacturer of drilling rigs, equipment, piping, and more, and a Forbes Best Small company of 2019. Additionally, I co-founded PH Steel, with my best friend, and business partner Cris Proler, an industrial steel recycling company. We work at being servant-leaders, are values-driven, cultural intentional, and obsessed with customer service.

I’m determined to do the right thing, and make no apologies for telling the truth. My direct, non-conforming style is certainly uncommon, but my transparency disarming. I never wanted to be the boss, nor did I have aspirations of being a leader. However, I learned early in my entrepreneurial career that the opposite of want is need, and I needed to lead; it just took 15 years for me to surrender to that calling.

I’m driven, goal-oriented, have unrealistic expectations of others, am terribly impatient, and among other things, have been called a reality distortionist. I was an ADD denier for 25 years, and recently surrendered. Most would never believe that I’m an introvert, and experience high levels of social anxiety. What drives me more than anything is my desire to make a difference. I’m a giver, and if not careful, a martyr.

I was the first to finish high school in my family, attended a total of three colleges before earning an undergraduate degree from Dallas Baptist University. I played baseball through college, and some professional ball as welll. My bride Ashley and I have five kids, live in Houston, enjoy traveling, and spending time together and as a family. We give big to a few organizations and small and often to many more. Our non-profits include Acceptance & Give Big Texas. Giving is living!

Personality: INTJ

Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Organizational Leadership

Oilfield 360 Podcast:
Dan Henderson on Oilfield 360 Podcast

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  1. As I was reading this article I did not notice the author, however i was picturing in my mind 2 men. One of them happened to be Dan. Nice article Daniel. Looking forward to the upswing again…


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