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Demon Child

As fate would have it, five days before I leave for Tanzania, I get extremely ill.  Sparing you the details of my illness, the take away is quite profound, and it’s the humility that sickness brings, coupled with a story of tragedy, slavery, and freedom; and the cause behind the mission of 12 to climb over 19,000 feet so that people hear that story, that compells me to write.

Sold into Slavery

Ursella was 11 years old when she was sold by her birth family to pay a debt.  For five years, she endured a life full of mental and phyisical abuse, until she escaped, to avoid being killed the very same night.  Fortunately, she found shelter in the home of a family from the UK.  Ten years later, Ursella’s former village of Vea, Ghana, was struck by a severe famine.  Filled with compassion, she organized a food drive, and led the three trucks of food and supplies and personally delivered the first bag of rice to the very same family that had abused her as a child.  The act of kindness quickly traveled through the village, and reached the chief, who called for Ursella, making her the first woman ever to be allowed to meet at the sacred stone.  The same day, 12 all-but-abandoned children, were allowed to leave the village; Micah’s son Eli, was one of the 12 children.  Today, Ursella and her husband live near Vea, and help children whose parents die, are labeled “demon children,” or who are sold into slavery to pay a debt.  Everyone in Vea knows her story, she has helped hundreds of children, and she has proven that love is stronger than hate.



My illness reminded me of how precious our health is, and how limited our time is.  Everyday, countless children lay ill, mainly from hunger related diseases.  Many will die.  Tonight, my six-year old son asked me for a cold bottled water instead of warm one, which allowed me to share once again why I’m traveling to a far away land to climb a mountain in the middle of a jungle so that children like him can have clean drinking water.  I also reminded him that there is no running water, no doctors, and very little food.  It’s incredible how compassionate a six year old boy becomes the instant he realizes people need help.  Kyson knows Eli as well, which makes everything real, tangible, believable.  For those that don’t know Eli, I’ve included one of my favorite pictures of him.  He’s an incredible young man, with an incredible story, that has just begun; all because one woman chose love over hate, and a Father who had the heart to listen to God’s direction on his life.


I get asked for money all the time, so I am very sensitive when asking others for the same, however, we are raising $100k for medical supplies, water filters for every home, a school, and an economic community center.  If you feel compelled to give, please do so by visiting ChangeGhana.org. Regardless if you decide to give, you can help make a difference by following us on Facebook, and sharing our page.  Every dollar, like, share, tweet, mention, voice, hand, thought, prayer…counts.


12 climbers, 19,341 feet, 6 days, 1 goal….Change Ghana.  We’re climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds and awareness for Vea, Ghana.  You can learn more by visiting ChangeGhana.org.